“In The Summerhouse” Photograph of members

CreatorJohn Messina Studios
Club YearDecember 1954
Playwright Bowles, Jane;
Play In The Summerhouse;
People Involved Finley, Carl; Chism, Shirley; Hillhouse, Patricia; Renshaw, Edyth; Anderson, Virginia; Shoults, Suzanne; Evans, Barbara; Hampton, Chris; Weisenger, Gene; Reynolds, Vern;

L to R-Back row: Carl Finley; Shirley Chism; Patricia Hillhouse;

Edyth Renshaw; Virginia Anderson; Suzanne Shoilts;

Vern Reynolds; Barbara Evans; Chris Hampton;

Gene Weisinger.

L to R Bottom row: Ann Hassell; Ann Hackney; Norman B.

Smith; Ouida Neill; Marietta Ruby; Carolyn Smith;

LaVelle Richburg.

In the Summerhouse

Dec 54

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Alternative TextThis picture shows fourteen women and four men facing the camera and smiling. It appears as if a makeshift picnic is occurring, or more likely, a rehearsal for a play given the various props on stage. Edythe Renshaw appears in the back, center of the photo holding a drink and book.

Edythe Renshaw appears to be in a position of authority in this picture. By 1954, Edythe has had her fair share of directing and running the Arden Club department and therefore the appearance of authority she demonstrates surely can be validated. Mary McCord is not pictured therefore insinuating she had officially step down as the sole director of the Arden Club department. In December of 1954, two plays were popular concerning Broadway: “Saint of Bleecker Street” and “Bad Seed.” Given “Saint of Bleecker Street” was an opera, it is much more likely that the Arden Club was influenced by the production of the “Bad Seed.” This play was a drama which the Arden Club had a habit of favoring and therefore it is surprising that the club did not seem to follow the trend and put on their own rendition of the play.