“In The Summerhouse” Photograph of ten seated individuals

CreatorJohn Messina Studios
Club YearDecember 1954
Playwright Bowles, Jane;
Play In The Summerhouse;
People Involved Weisenger, Gene; Hampton, Chris; Anderson, Virginia; Neill, Ouida; Smith, Normon B.; Shoults, Suzanne; Richburg, Lavelle; Smith, Carolyn; Evans, Barbara; Ruba, Marietta;

L to r (above): Gene Weisenger, Chris Hampton, Virginia Anderson.

L to r (below): Ouida Neill, Normon B. Smith, Suzanne Shoults,

Lavelle Richburg, Carolyn Smith, Barbara Evans, Marietta Ruba

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Love Bowles’ In the Summer House Dec 54

Alternative TextEight women and two men are all seated upon a stage holding various props, once being a pool float and others including baskets and various seating. All our paying attention to one man on the left of the photograph who is stretching out his arms and facing the woman on the farthest left side.

“In the Summerhouse” was a somewhat bizarre production in Broadway that premiered in December of 1953-a year prior to the photograph. The story focuses on a woman and her daughter set in the late 1940s and centralizes on the dynamics of their relationship. The play is a dark tale concerning the daughter’s desire to break free from her mother’s control and pay a great price to do so. Many thought of the play as both dark and humorous simultaneously which was an unusual combination for the Arden Club. However, given that the Arden Club was often inspired by recent works in their seasons, it comes as no surprise that they adapted this twisted comedy.