In the Summerhouse Photograph of Three Women

CreatorJohn Messina Studios
Club YearDecember 1954
Playwright Bowles, Jane;
Play In The Summerhouse;
People Involved Schultz, Suzanne; Anderson, Virgina; Neill, Ouida;

Suzanne Schultz

Virginia Anderson

Ouida Neill

In the Summerhouse

Dec 54

Alternative TextTwo women looking toward another woman expectantly in a restaurant scene.
This photograph is a still in the play In the Summerhouse by Jane Bowles. It is about two dominating and manipulative mothers managing their daughters. Jane’s husband speaks about before the original was put on in New York and how Jane wrote three different endings for the play. The first performance was December 29, 1953, and the Arden Club put it on the year after.
Tags Photograph; Comedy; Drama;