Minutes, 10/11/1923

CreatorArden Club at Southern Methodist University
Club Year1923-1924
Playwright MacMillian, Mary Louise; Glaspell, Susan;
Play A Fan and Two Candlesticks; Tickless Time; Trifles;
People Involved George, Rosa; Henderson, Addie; Johnson, Emmett; Russell, Hattie Mae;














The Arden Club of Southern Methodist University met in regular session October 11, 1923. The meeting was called to order by Mr. Johnson. The minutes were read, corrections made and roll call found Addie Henderson and Rosa George absent.

Announcement was made concerning the meeting of Junior Arden Club when is to be held Wednesday, October 10. At this meeting all new members are to have preliminary try outs.

A report of the treasurer found $13.90 in the bank. The president immediately paid his dues, followed by several others and the final amount was $15.15.

Schedules for play practice were announced. “Trifles” cast is to practice Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at two o’clock. The “Fan and the Candlesticks” cat is to practice Wednesday and Friday from three to five o’clock. The cast of “Tickless Time” will await further notice.


There being no further business the club adjourned/

Hattie Mae Russell



The Arden Club strictly followed its budget. This was extremely important during this time because as noted in the minutes, the club was short on funds. The club also faced the normal challenges that often accompany any group, such as members not paying dues on time. Because the Arden Club analyzed their finances so often and presented the whole group with a treasury report, it was always clear who had not paid dues and in turn made it clear how not paying dues affected the overall budget of the club. The treasury report also stated how much money the club had to spend in a straightforward manner. Plays from earlier in the season were mentioned, including “A Fan and Two Candlesticks,” a one act play written by Mary Louise MacMillan in 1922.  “Tickless Time” and “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell were also mentioned. The array of genres presented by the Arden Club helped them catch the interest of a variety of individuals across campus. Reviews of each of the plays were given during regular Arden Club meetings by members not involved in the plays, but were not included in the minutes.