Minutes, 10/4/1923

CreatorArden Club at Southern Methodist University
Club Year1923-1924
Playwright MacMillian, Mary Louise; Glaspell, Susan;
Play A Fan and Two Candlesticks; Trifles; Tickless Time;
People Involved Crawford, Laurie; Fleming, Catherine; George, Rosa; Hale, Brian; Johnson, Emmett; Johnson, Houston; McCord, Mary; Maughon, Leta; Renshaw, Edyth; Ride, Rich; Russell, Hattie Mae; Hiles, Lee; Smith, William; ______, Raymond;
Organizations Involved Devereux Players;

The first regular session of Arden Club for this year was called by president Mr. Johnson at one fifty sharp! All members reported.

A letter was read from the Devereux players *______*to appear in Dallas under the auspices of the Arden Club. Definite action on the matter was deferred until some later time.

The most important matter discussed was the coming season for the club. Miss. McCord announced the casts for three one-act plays which are to be given far later than six weeks from *____*date.

The plays and cast are:

  1. A Fan and Two Candlesticks

HoustonJohnson    — Hugh

Catherine Fleming  — girl

William Smith        — Ralph

  1. Tickless Time

Ian                                     — Raymond *___*

Eloise                     — Rosa George

Mrs. Stubbs            — Rich Ridge

Mr. Knight            — Emmett Johnson

Alice                      — Leta Moughon

Annie                     — Hattie Mae Russell

  • Trifles

The attorney          — Brian Hale

The Sheriff                        — Mr. Hiles

Hale                       — Mr. Ridge

Girl                        — Miss Crawford

Woman                  — Edith Renshaw

Individual class schedules were compared and the regular club meeting was set for two o’clock every Thursday afternoon.

A motion for advancement was made and passed.

Hattie Mae Russell



A group known as the Devereux Dramatic Company or the Devereux Players was under the auspices of the Arden Club, and they took part in some of the Arden Club’s plays and activities. The Arden Club’s primary focus during this time was one act plays. “A Fan and Two Candlesticks” is a one act play written by Mary Louise MacMillan in 1922. It describes the events that transpire at an old fashioned St. Valentine’s Day party. “Tickless Time” is a one act play written by Susan Glaspell in 1919. This satirical play comments on the fear of aging and the idea of true time. “Trifles” is another one act play written by Glaspell in 1916. It is a murder mystery.