Photograph June 13 1921

Club Year1920-1921
Playwright Shakespeare, William;
Play The Winter's Tale;
People Involved Hurt, Katherine; unknown;

Katherine Elizabeth Hurt In “The Winter’s Tale” presented by Arden Club of SMU- Dallas. June 13 1921
Alternative TextKatherine sitting on the side of some stairs facing a young boy, both in Shakespearean costume.
Katherine Hurt is featured in an article of the Dallas Morning News in an announcement of “The Winter Tale” to be produced in June of 1921. Her entire face is featured which is a useful source of her person because in the photograph of the play there is only a profile shot of her. The article highlights the lead roles of Gus L. Ford and Katherine Hurt equally, mentioning where they are from, their lead roles and past theater experience. This time period in America reflects the height of the women’s rights movement and through this small article, we have a tiny glimpse of gender equality in the theater plane of Arden Club and Dallas. If she had been belittled despite her role as a lead character that would have been historically disappointing. The fact that the author praises both the male and female roles equally reflects the city’s equal appreciation for excellency in the arts for males and females.