‘Photograph, The Romantic Age, 11/1928’

Club Year1928-1929
Playwright Milne, A. A.;
Play The Romantic Age;
People Involved Jay, Josephine; Shappard, William;

Josephine Jay

William Sheppard

The Romantic Age

Sen Wan


McCord Theatre Museum


Alternative TextPictured on stage left Josephine Jay sits as William Sheppard pictured right, laying on the floor face each other in conversation.

The Romantic Period of English literature has a strong emphasis on feeling. This period of literature brought new wave of fresh ideas of freedom to England which is something that was needed. This period of English literature had a new dependence on its audience. In this period there was opposition to the Enlightenment as well as a lack of higher of morality which birthed Romanticism.  


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