‘Photograph, The Romantic Age, 11/28/1928’

Club Year1928-1929
Playwright Milne, A. A.;
Play The Romantic Age;
People Involved Carlin, James; Jay, Josephine;



McCord Theatre Museum

James Carlin

Josephine Jay

The Romantic Age

Nov. ‘28


Alternative TextDressed in black tie wear James Carlin (pictured left) and Josephine Jay (pictured right) are pictured sitting close on a couch.

In this photograph the prominence of the evening wear that is displayed is shown through how James Carlin is dressed. The black tie shown in this photograph was proper with the time period with the black tailcoat, black trousers along with a white bow tie. Throughout the time periods the part of evening wear for men that changes the most is the way that the starched white shirts collars are designed and displayed. This is also shown through the black or white vest seen under the jacket. Moving towards the foot wear of the 20th century, evening pumps were also shown moving away from the classics lace up shoes that most men were wearing during this time period.  

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