Program, The Goose Hangs High, 12/17/1926

Club Year1926-1927
Playwright Beach,Lewis; Woods, Walter; Coldeway, Anthony;
Play The Goose Hangs High;
People Involved Steinman, George; Fleming, Catherine; Wilkinson, Roland; Yoder, Theodore; McClinton, Zelia B.; Campbell, Linouise; Russell, David; Ross, Hugh; Chokla, Sarah; Tinkle, J. Lon; Myatt, Helen; Chapman, John;
  1. The Arden Club


Southern Methodist University

Friday and Saturday, December 17th and 18th, 1926

Eight-fifteen in the Evening


Directed by Miss Mary McCord


Bernard Ingals-George Steinman

Eunice Ingals-Catherin Fleming

Noel Derby-Roland Wilkinson

Leo Day-Theodore Yoder

Julia Murdock-Zelia Blanche McClinton

Mrs. Bradley- Linouise Campbell

Hugh Ingals- David Russel

Roland Murdock- David Russell

Lois Ingals-David Russell

Bradely Ingals- J. Lon Tinkle

Dagmar Carroll- Helen Myatt

Eliott Kimberley- John Chapman

Act I takes place on December Twenty-third.

Act II on the Twenty-ninth

Act II on the Thirtieth.

The curtain will be lowered in the middle of the Second Act to denote the passing of a half hour


In this program, the playwright is listed in parenthesis and only includes his last name. The playwright’s name is Lewis Beach. In this case, it’s not immediately obvious where to locate the playwright’s name. Furthermore, Lewis Beach isn’t the only playwright. In fact, Anthony Coldeway and Walter Woods are also credited with writing the play. The Arden Club’s program should have included all playwrights to properly give credit to those who contributed to writing the play. The Goose Hangs High is originally a silent comedy film released in 1925. This film was still relatively new when the Arden Club performed this in 1926.

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