Program, The Passing of the Third Floor Back, June 6th 1925

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CreatorThe Arden Club
Club Year1925-1926
Playwright Jerome, Jerome K.;
People Involved McCord, Mary; Hall, Bryan; Russell, David; Calhoun, Edward; Morrison, Madge; Overstreet, Hallie; Goodwin, Paul; Ridge, Clarence; George, Rosa; Moore, Mattie Ruth; Chokla, Sarah; Renshaw, Edyth;

The Arden Club.


Southern Methodist University.

Directed by Miss Mary McCord

Dallas Hall


June 6th, 1925 Eight P.M.

The Passing Of The Third Floor Back

By Jerome K. Jerome.

  1. Prologue.


A Satyr

A Coward

A Bully

A Shrew

A Hussy

A Rogue

A Cad

A Cat

A Snob

A Slut

A Cheat

A Passer-by.

  1. Play


Joo Wright, retired bookmaker-Bryan Hall

Christopher Penny, a painter-David Russell

Major Tompkins, retired-Edward Calhoun

Mrs. Tompkins-Madge Morrison

Vivian Tompkins, their daughter-Hallie Overstreet.

Jape Samuels, of the city-Paul Goodwin

Harry Larkcom, his jackal-Clarence Ridge

Miss Kite, unattached-Rose George

Mrs. Percival de Hooley, cousin to

Sir George Tweedle, Baronet-Mattie Ruth Moore

Stasia, the Slavey-Sarah Chokla

Mrs. Sharpe, the landlady-Edythe Renshaw

The Third Floor Back-Jack Anderson

III Epilogue.


An Old Bachelor

Two Lovers

A Husband and Wife

A Jow

An Entertaining Party

A Maiden Lady

A Rich Aunt

An Important Person

A Lady of the House

A Friend.

Devotional Exercises,

Monday morning, June 5th, the devotional

exercises will be conducted by Rev. J.W.

Mills, Presiding Elder of the Houston

District, in the Kirby Hall Chapel.

Bishop McMurry Will Speak

Monday Evening, at 8 P.M. Bishop McMurry

will have charge of the services in the

Dallas Hall Auditorium, 8 P.M.

Swimming pool will be open Monday.

Hours for men—

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2:00 to 4:00

Tuesday, Thursday, Sat. 4:00 to 6:00

Every evening, 6:30 to 8:30

Hours for women—

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4:00 to 6:00

Tuesday, Thursday, Sat. 2:00 to 4:00


The Passing of the Third Floor Back tells the story of a boarding house and its inhabitants. Once more the Arden Club performs a play that had only recently been written-this particular play being written in 1908. The Arden Club may have been inspired to perform this play after the 1918 film adaptation but the play continued to hold popularity until the second adaptation in 1935. Unlike the traditional plays that generally have remained more timeless and recognizable to present day, the Arden Club seemed to explore plays that were less widely known and more so relevant to the current era.