Program, “The Rivals”, 11/20/25

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CreatorSheridan, Richard Brinsley
Club Year1925-1926
Playwright Sheridan, Richard Brinsley;
People Involved Sheridan, Richard Brinsley; Calhoun, Edwin; Russell, David; Tinkle, J. Lon; Hall, Bryan; Graham, Russell; Wilkerson, E.R.; Chapman, John; Forester, Margaret; West, Ruth; Chokla, Sarah; McCord, Mary;
Organizations Involved Arden Club; Southern Methodist University;




Friday and Saturday, Nov. 20-21, 1925, 8:15 p.m.


Directed by Miss Mary McCord


Sir Anthony Absolute … Edwin Calhoun

Captain Jack Absolute … David Russell

Faulkland … J. Lon Tinkle

Bob Acres … Bryan Hall

Sir Lucius O’Trigger … Pursell Graham

Fag, a Coachman … Harold Poster

David, Servant to Rob … E.R. Wilkerson

Thomas Acres, a Coachman … John Chapman

Mrs. Malaprop … Margaret Forester

Lydia Languish … Ruby Clower

Julia … Ruth West

Lucy … Sarah Chokla


Act I, Scene 1 … A Street in Bath

Act I, Scene II … Mrs. Malaprop’s Lodgings

Act II, Scene I … Captain Absolute’s Lodgings

Act I, Scene II … Street

Act III, Scene I … Same

Act III, Scene II … Julia’s Room

Act III, Scene III … Mrs. Malaprop’s Room

Act III, Scene IV … In the Lodgings of Bob Acres

Act IV, Scene I … Mrs. Malaprop’s Room

Act IV, Scene II … Street

Act V, Scene I … Julia’s Room

Act V, Scene II … King’s Mead Field

The play as given has been shortened

The curtain will be lowered for scenes as well as acts but waits will be short


Richard Brinsley Sheridan, the playwright of The Rivals, was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1751 [1]. When he was eight years old, Sheridan moved to London, never returning to Ireland. In 1762, Sheridan’s parents sent him to Harrow School in London, and he remained there for eight years [2]. In 1770, his father, Thomas Sheridan, began teaching Richard Sheridan and his friend, Nathaniel Brassey Halhed, elocution. This same year, Sheridan and Halhed began writing poems and papers. Shortly after, Sheridan married Elizabeth Ann Linley (Eliza), a singer and performer living in the area [3]. After they were married, Eliza stopped performing because Sheridan did not want his wife singing for money.


In 1774, Sheridan began writing The Rivals; one year later, on January 17, 1775, The Rivals premiered at Covent Garden in London, England [4]. After the unsuccessful unveiling, Sheridan rewrote the comedy in 11 days and its popularity has lasted ever since. After this, Sheridan’s social life expanded rapidly and he and Eliza were living beyond their means. Optimistic about his ability to repay debts, he spent freely. Sheridan remained married to Eliza until her death in 1792; in 1795, he married Hester Jane Ogle [5].

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