Program, “The Silver Box”, 04/14/1927

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Club Year1926-1927
Playwright Galsworthy, John;
Play The Silver Box;
People Involved Russell, David; Forester, Margaret; Wilkinson, Roland; Tinkle, J. Lon; Myatt, Helen; Ross, Hugh; Campbell, Linouise; Chapman, John; Downs, Margaret; Peeples, Cecil; Steinman, George; Jay, Pinkie; Dunlap, Emma V.; Ley, Eula Estelle; Smith, Rhea; Hamilton, Herbert; Yoder, Theodore; Buckner, Emory; Childers, Paul;
Organizations Involved Arden Club;

The Arden Club


Southern Methodist University



John Galsworthy


April 14 and 15, 1927, 8:15 P.M.


John Barthwick, M.P., a wealthy liberal – David Russell

Mrs. Barthwick, his wife – Margaret Forester

Jack, their son – Roland Wilkinson

Roper, their solicitor – J. Lon Tinkle

Mrs. Jones, the charwoman – Helen Myatt

Marlow, the man servant – Hugh Ross

Wheeler, the main – Linouise Campbell

Jones, the stranger – John Chapman

Mrs. Seddon, a landlady – Margaret Downs

Snow, a detective – Cecil Peeples

Police Magistrate – George Steinman

An Unknown Lady – Pinkie Jay

Theresa Livins – Emma V. Dunlap

Maud Livins – Eula Estelle Ley

Livins – Rhea Smith

Relieving Officer – Herbert Hamilton

Clerk – Theodore Yoder

Usher – Emory Buckner

Constable – Paul Childers


Time – The Present, about Easter


Scene I-John Barthwick’s dining room.

Scenes II and III-Same.


Scene I – The Jones’ lodgings.

Scene II – Same as Act I.



A London police court.

At the close of the first scene the house will be dark to suggest the passing of a few hours.


John Galsworthy was an English novelist and playwright. He was born on August 14, 1867 in Surrey, which is a region in the southeastern part of England. His father was a renowned lawyer in London and Galsworthy would soon go on to follow in the footsteps of his father. He graduated with honors at Oxford University and was granted admission to the bar in 1890, but would soon become a prolific writer. His passion for the law is seen in many of his plays, most notably in The Silver Box , Justice, and Loyalties. The Silver Box was his first play and was produced in 1906. These three plays all share a common theme. In these plays, justice is legally carried out, but a great deal of social harm results from the implementation of the law. It’s postulated that Galsworthy believed that the legal system is an institution that carries out the interests of the powerful while deceitfully acting as if it cares for the interest of all people.

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