Program, The Tempest, 06/08/1924

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CreatorArden Club of Southern Methodist University
Club Year1923-1924
Playwright Shakespeare, William;
Play The Tempest;
People Involved McCord, Mary; Thomas, Otway; Anderson, John; Riggleman, Leonard; Lindberg, Earl; Hall, Bryan; Hamilton, Horace; Calhoun, Edwin; Ridge, Clarence; Graham, Pursell; Russell, David; Goodwin, Paul; Isbell, Hugh; Holloway, Tom; Mayes, Carl; Walker, W. P.; Regan, John; Russell, Hattie Mae; Overstreet, Hallie; Maughon, Leta; Renshaw, Edyth; Myatt, Helen; Moore, Mattie Ruth; Trotman, Loraine; Chokla, Sarah; Hilton, Helen; Alberta Thompson; Noble, Mary; Forrester, Margaret; Williams, Virginia; Van Katwijk, (Mrs.) Paul; Porter, Raybon; Knight, Wilma; Golden, (Mrs.) J. Roscoe; Johnson, Robert;
Organizations Involved Arden Club;

The Arden Club


Southern Methodist



“The Tempest”


Dallas Hall

Monday, June 8, 1924

8:00 P. M.




Miss Mary McCord


Assistant Director

Miss Otway Thomas



“And, as imagination bodies forth

The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen

Turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing

A local habitation and a name.”

  • Midsummer Night’s Dream



Prospero, a magician, lives on a desert island, where he has been cast away with his daughter, Miranda. He had been Duke of Milan, but through the machinations of his wicked brother Antonio, and Alonso, King of Naples, he had been deposed and set adrift in a leaky vessel with his infant daughter. Gonzalo secretly stocked the boat with supplies and some books of magic so they survived until a wind cast them upon the island, where they lived for twelve years.

As the story opens, a storm is in progress and a ship is being dashed to pieces on the shores of Prospero’s island. He tells Miranda, for the first time, the story of his brother’s usurpation and explains that he has wrecked the ship with his magic because it contains his enemies. Prospero is attended by Ariel, a familiar spirit, and Caliban, a sort of cross between man and beat. Ariel brings in Ferdinand, son of Alonso, who thinks he is the only survivor, and who immediately falls in love with Miranda — all of which Prospero had planned.

Other survivors are shown on another part of the island who are grieving for Ferdinand, son of Alonso, whom they think lost. Through as magic spell they are charmed to sleep with the exception of Sebastian and Antonio. Antonio has just persuaded Sebastian to kill the King and gain the crown when the others are awakened by Ariel.

In the meantime, Trinculo and Stephano, the jester and butler of the royal party, have been separated from the others after wreck and have become intoxicated with cask of wine on which Stephano had floated ashore. They happen to find Caliban and convert him to their service with some of the wine. Hating Prospero as he does, Caliban enlists them in a plot to slay the magician and become masters of the island. These things are reported to Prospero by Ariel, who misleads the plotters with phantom music, and causes them to become lost in the swamps of the forest.

Ariel then leads Alonso’s party to Prospero, who makes himself known and forgives their villainy. They return his Dukedom and approve the marriage of Ferdinand and Miranda. It then turns out that the ship has been safely conveyed to shore by good spirits, so they all depart in happiness to Italy.


“The Tempest”





Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan — Jack Anderson

Alonso, King of Naples — Leonard Riggleman

Sebastian, his brother — Earl Lindberg

Antonio, brother to Prosper and usurping Duke of Milan — Bryan Hall

Ferdinand, son to the King of Naples — Horace Hamilton

Gonzalo, an honest old Counsellor — Edwin Calhoun

Caliban, a savage and deformed slave — Clarence Ridge

Ariel, an airy sprite — Pursell Graham

Trinculo, a jester — David Russell

Stephano, a drunken butler — Paul Goodwin

Boatswain — Hugh Isbell

Shipmaster — Thomas Holloway

Lords — Carl Mayes, W. P. Walker

Spirits — Albert Bowman, Neal Smith

Mariner — John Regan


Miranda, daughter of Prospero — Hattie Mae Russell

Juno, a goddess — Hallie Overstreet

Ceres, a goddess — Leta Maughon

Iris, a goddess — Edythe Renshaw

Nymphs: Helen Myatt, Mattie Ruth Moore, Loraine Trotman, Sarah Chokla, Helen Hilton, Alberta Thompson, Mary Noble, Margaret Forrester, Virginia Williams.



Scene of actions — first, on a ship at sea near an island;

thereafter, on the island


No intermission between acts.



Director of Music — Mr. Paul Van Katwijk

Pianist — Mrs. Paul Van Katwijk

Solos — Mr. Raybon Porter; Miss Wilma Knight

Duet — Mrs. J. Roscoe Golden, Miss Wilma Knight

Electrician — Robert Johnson


The Tempest, one of the Arden Club of 1924’s performances was written by William Shakespeare, and was performed in the Arden Club tradition of performing Shakespeare at the university’s convocation. Encyclopedia Britannica notes that persistent themes of reflection and closure led many to believe that Shakespeare intended The Tempest to be his final work, it was not (William). These themes of finality, combined with the Club’s tradition, meant The Tempest was an excellent play to perform at the end of the year. Though likely originally performed indoors, many performances of The Tempest would have been performed in the Globe Theater, an open-air setting considered the grandest stage in London; the Arden Club’s tradition of performing Shakespeare on the Dallas Hall steps, considered the focal point of S.M.U.’s campus, mirrors the original performances of his plays. Performances of The Tempest, both indoors and outdoors, remained part of Arden Club of Southern Methodist University’s performance rotation until the mid-1950’s.

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